LEC has developed into a major independent aerosol filler in the United Kingdom. It has developed its own brands of Insette and Studio 2000 products into three main retail areas:
Hair Care - Personal Care - Household Products


Its continuous expansion into the “Contract Fill & Private Label” business has resulted in contracts with many prestigious brands on the High Street. We are available to offer advice/ shelf testing of clients' products, and samples for pre sale.

LEC was the first company to invent and develop Hair Mousse and have national distribution with companies such as The Boots Company, since which it has established itself as a “must have” addition to hairstyling.

In 2005 we were the first company to launch the “Mini” range of products designed for the traveller and the younger "Clubbing Generation". Products in this range are all compatible for air travel as they are under 100ml.

We have 6 modern filling lines of which three are 12 head multi fillers capable of 100k cans per machine per day. Our Export Division serves over 20 countries with exclusive distributors controlling the Sales & Marketing of its products. We welcome enquiries from vacant overseas territories currently not covered by our existing network.

Larry and Eileen Clare

Larry & Eileen Clare

Dedication to Larry Clare

Larry’s tenacity, drive and work ethic was the driving force behind LEC. After being at the forefront of LEC for more than 50 years, sadly in November 2022 at the age of 85, Larry passed away after a short illness. He is greatly missed by us all here at LEC.

Larry, being the man he was has put things in place to ensure his legacy will go on for the years to come. We have a very long standing & knowledgeable team, who are determined to continue what Larry & Eileen created and nurtured. Most of the team have been with the company for over 30 years, which speaks volumes about the environment here.

We will strive to make Larry & Eileen proud in the years to come.


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